How Backflow Prevention Can Prevent Water Contamination

backflow testing
All commercial plumbing systems are designed to prevent waste water from mixing with fresh water. Unfortunately, when there’s a problem with this area of the system, this can lead to a situation called backflow that allows contamination to happen. Businesses are responsible for maintaining clean water systems and preventing backflow from happening. To do this, they must have a backflow prevention device installed and tested per the requirements of the city. The #1 ways to prevent backflow from occurring and being faced with a major plumbing problem is to work with backflow testing companies in Los Angeles, CA.

Backflow Devices

These devices are found outside of the building. They stand about 3 feet tall and are often enclosed in a cage. The cage is to protect the preventer from theft and vandalism. When a backflow preventer works correctly, it keeps the water in the building flowing in one direction. The sole purposes of the preventer is to keep drinking water from being contaminated with waste water.

Backflow can happen when the preventer has a malfunctioning part or when there is a break in a mainline on the property. Another common reasons for backflow is when fire hydrants are open for testing and pressure is lost in the plumbing system. When there’s no pressure, this is the perfect scenario for contamination to occur.

Backflow Testing Los Angeles, CA

Every year, commercial properties must have their backflow prevention device tested by a certified testing specialist. Most commercial plumbing services have a qualified backflow tester in Los Angeles, CA, on their team with the right credentials to perform the test and file the paperwork with the city. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your building’s backflow prevention device works well in all situations. Failure to have the testing done could result in fines. Failure to fix any problems puts you at risk of financial responsibility should your building’s or the surrounding buildings’ water become contaminated due to a problem with your preventer.

Don’t put your building and its inhabitants at risk of coming into contact with contaminated water. Make sure you get annual testing from backflow testing companies in Los Angeles, CA, and fix problems when they happen.