How Often Should A Backflow Device Be Tested?

A backflow device is essential to any plumbing system. When the balance of pressure is off, contaminated water can enter the water supply. The backflow device prevents this from happening. But for your backflow device to work consistently, it must be maintained. To know if your device is in good health, it must be tested.

How often should your backflow device be tested? It depends on the type of device.

There are three devices of note, and each has its own maintenance requirements. There’s the double check valve (DCV) and the reduced pressure zone (RPZ), and the pressure vacuum breaker (PVB).

DCV devices should be tested at least once every three years.

RPZ devices should be tested annually, and they must be rebuilt or replaced every five years.

PVB devices must be tested annually. Maintenance for backflow devices is not something you should neglect. Contact Atlas Backflow to test and maintain your device to ensure its health and longevity.